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Every company and every team is unique. If you are to be successful with your recruitment, it must be tailored exactly to the needs of your company, HR and managers. 


That's why I always offer a free and non-binding conversation where we talk about these needs, and based on that I send a presentation that matches your wishes. 


With me as a consultant, advisor and teacher, you get a partner who is committed to exactly your business, who is able to connect business and HR, and not least a person who ensures that you can measure your success on the bottom line.


I offer my passionate expertise in the following areas:


From strategy to action - create a business-driven recruitment strategy

With me as a consultant or trainer for the HR team, we create a strategy together that is based on the needs of the business, both now and in the future.


Topics that you must decide on are, for example:

  • How do you secure the right talent in a hot (and global) labor market?

  • How do you arrive at your unique "brand" and communicate it; especially if the budget is low or non-existent?

  • And how do you ensure a good candidate experience throughout?


You can no longer separate the company's product from a recruitment process. A poor process is not only harmful to the company's employer brand; it has a direct impact on the company's corporate and product brand and will ultimately harm the company's sales and growth. In addition to that, recruitment, strategic recruitment and/or Talent Acquisition is the company's way of ensuring that you have the right talent pool in the company to develop from.


Optimize your recruitment - and measure it

Did you know that 25 % of all candidates have a bad experience in a recruitment process? And that if they, on the other hand, have a good experience, they will be up to 38 % more committed to the company?


Get a thorough review and analysis of the company's process with suggestions for optimization, how the effect is measured, and new inspiration for all parts of the recruitment process; from job analysis to interview.


Write a job ad that sells

Did you know that 35 % of all candidates feel that there is no connection between what they thought they were hired for and what they actually ended up doing?

Do you find that you often end up looking for an "engaged, positive, service-minded, ambitious octopus with a good sense of humor"? 


It IS still possible to attract candidates the "good, old-fashioned way" - albeit with a twist. 


Learn how to write a job ad that sells. In addition, get inspiration on how to make a thorough analysis of the job and find the common thread for a successful interview.


This training can be targeted at both HR and managers, depending on how your process is structured.


Choose the right suppliers, media, sourcing strategies - understand your market

There is a jungle of options out there. This applies when the company needs to find the right partner to headhunt new talent and/or choose the right way to attract candidates for advertised jobs.


Gain insight into what opportunities exist to create fact-based decisions that strengthen ROI - whether it applies to suppliers, choice of media or sourcing strategy.


Create "the right match" - for both HR & managers

Did you know that in 85 % of cases when a recruitment goes "wrong", it is due to a person's behavior and not professionalism/lack of experience?


And did you know that by recruiting "high performance" employees, it can be measured directly on the company's bottom line result?


Get new inspiration for what "the right match" means, including insight into a job analysis, use of a competence framework and a holistic view of the match. And with that knowledge in hand; how to uncover it as validly as possible in an interview situation - with respect for both parties.


This training can be targeted at both HR and managers, depending on how your process is structured.


What can I do for you?

You are welcome to send me a message via the contact page, an e-mail or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Fra strategi til handling - skab en forretningsdrevet rekrutteringsstrategi
Optimer din rekruttering - og mål det
Skriv en jobannonce, der sælger
Vælg de rette leverandører, medier, sourcing-strategier - forstå dit marked
Skab "det rette match" - for både HR & ledere
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