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Openness, honesty and integrity are values that are deeply rooted in me as a person. It permeates everything I do in my life, both personally and professionally.

As a company, you will see this as I only take on tasks where I sincerely believe that I can make a difference for the company, the organization and/or the people.

And as a private person, you will hopefully feel it via my empathy and my sincere desire to make a difference FOR you and WITH you.

The short (professional) story about me is that I have, so to speak, 3 legs to stand on:

  • Communication

  • Business and strategy understanding

  • Business-creating and strategic HR & Coaching


My interest and abilities in communication initially stem from my education as a Bachelor in Business Languages. Since then I have had the privilege of working with communication and language in many different contexts, e.g. in a marketing department, writing advertising texts for web, wap and sms - and in job advertisements, management communication and much more within HR.

I love the living language; where you think outside the box and do things with a little twist, because it's so boring to sound like everyone else "out there".

Business and strategy understanding

My years in the mobile industry taught me to focus on creating value to the highest degree.

Value can be created in many ways: the experience by using existing services, the monetary (making money for the company) and by being innovative/first mover and thinking completely new. I am characterized by the fact that a product, service or performance may be important, but if you can't make/save money or clearly show what non-monetary value you can create, it really doesn't matter.

Business-creating and strategic HR & Coaching

I have taken this strategic business understanding and ability to create visible and measurable value into HR. I do that by creating the common thread between the business's strategies, management model, values, talent management and talent acquisition.

I also do finding the common thread in my work with people, whether it is about creating job satisfaction, finding your way in your career, or whatever the goal of coaching is for you. It is important to me that you clearly see and feel the value that our time together brings you.

Heidi Wassini

Owner & founder of Heartfelt

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