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You have developed your idea and you have secured funding. Now you are faced with a whole new challenge: How do you find the employees you need to grow your company in the right way and quickly enough without losing the spirit you want to create in YOUR company?


If this sounds like a challenge you know, it's no wonder.


Start-ups typically face the same 3 challenges once funding is in place:

  • Finance - lack of knowledge about the financial requirements for a growing business

  • "Best Practice" tools - which systems, tools, etc. should companies use and when

  • HR/recruitment - how do you find the right employees and how do you ensure that applicable legislation for employment, pay, vacation, etc. is complied with. 


In short, I offer advice, support and sparring in all the HR areas you need as a start-up.


Since I myself have worked in companies with everything from just 5 to up to 10,000 employees, I thoroughly understand the exciting challenges you may face - and not least how you navigate the fantastic "chaos" that a start up always is.


We always start with a free and non-binding conversation where we talk about your need for HR and recruitment services, and based on that I send a presentation that matches your short-term and/or long-term needs.

Coaching, mentoring, karrierevejledning

What can I do for you?

You are welcome to send me a message via the contact page, an e-mail or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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